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Below are some of the exceptional projects that have passed through the doors

Click the images for samples

Willi Carlisle - Peculiar, Missouri
Kool Keith x Thetan - Space Goretex
Matt Heckler - This Town Is Killing Me
Ultramagnetic MCs - Ultra Ultra/Silicon Bass
Lost Dog Street Band - Glory
Torsion - Self Titled EP
Bled To Submission - Bury Them In The Graves They Dug For You
Benjamin Tod - Songs I Swore I'd Never Sing
The Hill Country Devil - The Magnolia Sessions
Shadow Of The Destroyer - Withered Husks And Broken Limbs
Thetan (feat. Lil B) - Based Serenade
Armagideon Time - Crime As Theatre
Nick Hans - The Magnolia Sessions
Midnight - Rehearsal Vomits LP
Dusty The Kid - Days Of Love & Rage
Lost Dog Street Band - Homeward Bound
The Bandit Queen Of Sorrows - Where The Brave Run Free
Autarch / Landbridge - Split LP
Bleed The Pigs / Thetan - Split LP
The Hill Country Devil - Nicotine And China White
El Escapado - The Not So Full - Full Length EP
Jason Dea West - Lost Camp Dreams
Autarch - The Light Escaping
Krieg - The Black House (Remastered)
Jason Dea West - Lone Wolf
Benjamin Tod - A Heart Of Gold Is Hard To Find
Kool Keith - Complicated Trip
Benjamin Tod - I Will Rise
Joe Wunderle - The Heart Of It All
Matt Heckler - After The Flood
Bosko Baker - Fixin' To Grow
Lost Dog Street Band - Rage & Tragedy
Hookers - Blasted From The Caskets
Grindmother - Age Of Destruction
Death Piggy - Welcome To The Record
The Recession Special - The Recession Special EP
The Spirit Of Versailles - ...Is Dead
Lost Dog Street Band - Weiaght Of A Trigger
Bosko Baker and the Saint Jean Street Band - With Friends Like These
Jason Dea West - The Magnolia Sessions
Grindmother - Slave New World
Argentinum Astrum - Malleus Maleficarum
Jibber Jabber - Your Stupid
Dwarves - Lucifer's Crank (Remaster)
Flag Of Democracy - Down With People (Remaster)
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